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EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_20149530.jpg
EditImage Alt Text:Diver in the Bird's Head Seascape
EditCaption Title:Lights, camera, coral: Under the sea, behind the scenes with a VR film crew
EditCaption Description:Learn the story behind the making of “Valen's Reef,” Conservation International’s first virtual reality film.
EditRead More Text:Read More
EditRead More Link:http://blog.conservation.org/2016/06/lights-camera-coral-behind-the-scenes-of-valens-reef/[Optional]
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EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_64224434.jpg
EditImage Alt Text:Coral reef in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.
EditCaption Title:Amid widespread coral bleaching, this reef is thriving
EditCaption Description:Already adapted to major temperature fluctuations, some Indonesian reefs may be better prepared for climate change than others.
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EditRead More Link:http://blog.conservation.org/2016/06/amid-widespread-coral-bleaching-this-reef-is-thriving/[Optional]
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EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_73033257.jpg
EditImage Alt Text:Photo of a new flasherwrasse fish species, Paracheilinus rennyae.
EditCaption Title:For one of world’s foremost fish finders, ‘no better place’ than this dive site
EditCaption Description:In the reefs of eastern Indonesia, Gerald Allen set a world record for most fish species sighted on one dive.
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EditRead More Link:http://blog.conservation.org/2016/06/for-one-of-worlds-foremost-fish-finders-no-better-place-than-this-dive-site/[Optional]
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EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_54829385.jpg
EditImage Alt Text:Baby Reef Manta In Wayag Bay.
EditCaption Title:Turning the tide on manta slaughter: A story in pictures
EditCaption Description:Photojournalist Shawn Heinrichs takes us inside a grisly manta hunt in eastern Indonesia.
EditRead More Text:Read More
EditRead More Link:http://blog.conservation.org/2015/12/turning-the-tide-on-manta-slaughter-a-story-in-pictures/[Optional]
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EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_99529850.jpg
EditImage Alt Text:Raja Ampat police detonate a single charge placed in the hull of the ship to sink it perfectly onto a sandy bottom, where it will now become a new dive site attraction.
EditCaption Title:Indonesian government sinks shark poaching boat, creates new dive site
EditCaption Description:From local police to the president himself, Indonesia is cracking down on the illegal capture of its valuable marine life.
EditRead More Text:Read More
EditRead More Link:http://blog.conservation.org/2015/02/indonesian-government-sinks-vietnamese-shark-poaching-boat-creates-new-dive-site/[Optional]
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Special thanks to The Walton Family Foundation for its long-standing support of the Bird's Head Seascape Initiative.

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